The Haunting of New England Begins

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. 

The Puritans, taking that passage to heart, executed Alse Young on this day in 1647 in Hartford Connecticut for witchcraft. Not only was Alse a witch, but like others persecuted… I mean prosecuted, she didn’t have a son so she stood to inherit her husbands estate. Not likely.

Hanged at Meeting House Square in Hartford, she was the first person executed as a witch in the 13 American Colonies.


The haunting of New England begins.


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One Response to The Haunting of New England Begins

  1. Che! says:

    Follow the money! Always!
    The salient fact here, as you point out, is: economic and financial (and ultimately political) not religious and not spiritual.
    The money trail ( i.e. wealth redistribution) always indicates what’s really going on and who really benefits; “fairness,” indignation, justice, piety, righteousness, “security” notwithstanding.
    Fear and loathing are instrumental in consolidating and concentrating power among those anointed, appointed, elected who aspire to impose their preferences on all.
    Witches were non-conformists who posed a threat to Puritan authority, order, regimentation, stability, uniformity. Puritanism did not countenance such countervailing political/social configurations with equanimity.
    Such “challenges,” real, imagined or invented (for the sake of coercion and manipulation in asserting and maintaining authority among the ruling elite), were anathema and warranted, in the view of the Puritan hierarchy as well as its compliant subjects, intervention and extirpation with extreme prejudice.

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