Full of Fulci

Day Two of the fundraiser for the One Fund Boston hosted by Rock and Shock, Wicked Bird Media with Adam Green is a wicked cool night at the Palladium in Worcester. The Boston Strong Party with tons of wicked cool memorabilia up for auction.

Things like an autographed guitar from Rob Zombie. Or a screen used stunt hatchet from Adam Green’s “Hatchet“. There is even a latex mask of Dr Freudstein from Lucio Fulci’s “House by the Cemetery“.


I’m a huge Fulci fan. I’m a huge fan of Italian horror in general, but Fulci in particular. All because of one film, “Don’t Torture a Duckling“. As described on IMDB:

“A reporter and a promiscuous young woman try to solve a series of child killings in a remote southern Italian town that’s rife with superstition and distrust of outsiders.”

Made in 1972, the ultimate commentary on the Catholic Church made by Fulci’s was way ahead of its time. A commentary that still is hushed. Not that it quiets me, mind you.  Gratefully, I have a huge soft spot for the man and his work.

Which brings me back to the auction and tonight’s event in Worcester. Please come and bid on wicked cool stuff. I already have!

You guessed it.



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