If I Had a Hammer Film


William Hammer (William Hinds) the founder of Hammer Films died on this date in 1957 in a cycling accident in his home town of Leatherhead. Which sounds like a good name for a character.


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One Response to If I Had a Hammer Film

  1. Che! says:

    Hammer Films famously endowed us most handsomely; with their late 50s triptych, in glorious, “living” Color, Color, Color:
    “The Curse of Frankenstein”
    “The Mummy”

    What a hat trick!: setting a new bench mark in the horror genre with re-productions of three of our*** B&W favorite monsters.

    Each featured our gifted friends: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

    We were beside ourselves with delight.

    Then and thereafter, through the 60s and early 70s, when I had so much more time to indulge myself in this manner; Hammer’s Distinctive, Innovative, Elegantly Simple and Sophisticated Visual Style; rang my chimes.

    Especially in its gothic horror bailiwick, featuring vampirism in the mode of Dracula, his serial resurrections and his brides.

    In retrospection the Hammer Films canon continues to ring my chimes most sonorously.

    *** the guys in my family, on our block, in our neighborhood and at school

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