The Ghosts of Puritans Past

While wandering the streets of Plymouth today I stumbled upon this sign.

Dead of Night Tours II

Pretty cool! Dead of Night Ghost Tours! The ghosts of Puritans! That sounds like fun!

You remember the Puritans right? That nice quiet peaceful group of people who fled England due to religious persecution. Actually it was probably more like prosecution as their intolerance of the Church of England led to revolution and the beheading of King Charles I. They did rule for ten years or so but were so brutal that the people chose to go back to the Monarchy. They were that bad. We neglect to mention that in our history books.

Kind of like how we neglect the true story of King Phillip’s War, which was started by the Puritans when they took the Wampanog leader Wamsutta to Plymouth and killed him. Like they were still in England.

After a brutal war, the Puritans ultimately won and continued on with their peaceful ways  by executing King Phillip. Minister Increase Mather wrote:

“Captured, King Philip was taken and destroyed, and there was he (like as Agag was hewed in pieces before the Lord) cut into four quarters, and is now hanged up as a monument of revenging Justice, his head being cut off and carried away to Plymouth, his Hands were brought to Boston.”

Nice. Mather would later be involved with the Salem Witch trials. Clearly he was in the Inquisition in an earlier life.

So with all of this very dark history I couldn’t wait to get into the haunted shop to see what cool things they had on their shelves. But I couldn’t.

It was closed and wouldn’t open until 1pm, being Sunday. Ah, the good old blue laws in Massachusetts.

The real ghosts of Puritans past.


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  1. Che! says:

    Blue Laws: Ghosts Of Puritans Present!

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