Fascination with Fear’s top 25 Revenge Films

Great blog from the folks at Fascination With Fear about the horror sub-genre, the Revenge Film! Follow the link for their Top 25 Revenge Films list. Great list.

Here is what they said about one of my all time favorites and number 19 on their list, “Audition


19} Audition (1999) – Oh hell. This consummate Takashi Miike movie is really an odd sort of revenge film, as the lead character of Asami is so psychologically fucked up that I’m not sure she even feels she is committing acts of vengeance.  It so happens that she has a penchant for torturing men that claim first to love her and then don’t devote every waking moment to her happiness. Asami (Eihi Shiina) is so demented and obsessed that she can just sit by her phone for DAYS waiting for it to ring. When her latest conquest, Aoyama, does not return her calls immediately, she can’t seem to move on. Worse yet, when she finds a photo of his deceased wife in his apartment, that is the final straw. She drugs him and proceeds to maim and torture him in what is one of the most famous (and ghastly) scenes of uncomfortable horror I’ve ever seen.

Revenge films have a tendency to be brutal.  But then again, shouldn’t it be?
It is revenge.


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2 Responses to Fascination with Fear’s top 25 Revenge Films

  1. chrisdsav says:

    this movie is twisted and weird

  2. Che! says:

    While I’ve seen some of the films on Fear’s list and some of those, for example “Carrie,” are among my favorite films regardless of genre, I’ve not been a fan of the revenge sub-genre.
    I admit to having enjoyed the “Kill Bill” films though.
    My suggestion, for your consideration, is also a cinematic meditation upon revenge but without our horror film genre’s imprimatur.
    “Nevada Smith” (1966) is a western revenge tale featuring Steve McQueen in the title role with Henry Hathaway as director and co-producer.
    After a trio of outlaws robs, tortures and brutally kills the white father and Indian mother of young Max Sand (Steve McQueen), Max sets out to avenge his parents’ murders with diligence, perseverance and preternatural persistence, acquiring the skills he needs to complete his gruesome task “on the job” so to speak.
    Knowing one killer keeps a tobacco pouch made from the breast of his mother, Max uses this bit of hideous intelligence in his hunt for his parents’ killers, who have since separated.
    While “Nevada Smith” isn’t a horror film, it superbly explores the ethics and morality of vengeance as well as the characters of the avenging agent and his depraved, monstrous antagonists.

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