“Ave Maria” The New Legend of Old

Ave Maria Altar

Not every church is in a building. Long before the Puritans arrived in New England. Before Columbus. Before the Vikings. Old Celtic Monks, male and female, crossed the Atlantic and landed up and down the entire East Coat of both North and South America.

Their practice of worship took place deep within the woods, where the magic of nature can truly be found.  However Christian persecution began by the Catholic Church, the Puritans and other denominations by declaring their worship of nature unnatural making it a sin and capital crime.

Nearly erased from the earth, those few remaining were driven underground. Until now. They have returned to correct the true unnatural crimes.

Deep in the woods of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, ancient rituals are performed on sacred ground, cleansing away the sins of the past and balancing nature’s ledger.

Production for “Ave Maria” begins tomorrow.



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One Response to “Ave Maria” The New Legend of Old

  1. Che! says:

    So old it’s new!

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