Horrifically Efficient

Interesting as I finish production on my new horror short “Ave Maria,”

Ave Marie Screen Shot

that the run time is 6:06. One second shorter than the first time Missy appeared on screen in my horror short “Microcinema.”


Which had a run time of 6:07.

She must be more efficient in her… ways.


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2 Responses to Horrifically Efficient

  1. Aurora says:

    Her tools have improved significantly.

  2. Che! says:

    Fascinatingly, “6” appears twice: T = 6:06.
    This double occurrence could be numerologically significant beyond my ledger. It’s certainly delightfully “magical” in my tome.
    Six (6): The Peerless Number*, according to my conjecture, the proof of which I’ve been working on intermittently (very) for more years than I can now remember.
    * The only composite number which is both the sum and product of its set of prime factors {3, 2, 1}.

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