Dr. Cyclops

On this date in 1939 shooting begins on the first horror movie shot in three-strip Technicolor. Paramount’s “Dr. Cyclops” directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack.

Schoedsack had a brilliant career with “King Kong” which he did not get credit for c-directing, “Mighty Joe Young” and my favorite of his “The Most Dangerous Game“.


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One Response to Dr. Cyclops

  1. Che! says:

    Dr. Cyclops was one of my late father’s favorite films.
    He took such pleasure in regaling us with his cinematic experience in 1940 on so many occasions it’s impossible to enumerate. (It’s one of my favorite films also. Imagine that!)
    Albert Dekker is the perfect heavy here and also in a set of films noir, including “The Killers.”
    “Mighty Joe Young” (the original with Ben Johnson) and “The Most Dangerous Game,” with Joel McCrae; are also favorites of mine.
    I first saw “Mighty Joe Young” on Million Dollar Movie in NYC.
    I watched it every day for a week. (Twice on Saturday and twice again on Sunday. I think it was 1957.) It was also on twice a day Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30 p.m. but we weren’t allowed to stay up for the later show. My late mother teased me about my fascination at least once a year thereafter.

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