Microcinema Revisited

As “Ave Maria” is a sequel of sorts to the award winning “Microcinema“, it’s pretty cool that a couple of reviewers have revisited it.

First, from the UK, Doctor Carnage ties it up nicely with these two words. “Truly incredible.” Well that’s very cool! And totally a blog horror fans should follow.

Speaking of horror blogs to follow, we follow up with another stellar review from Super Duper Shock Cinema from North Carolina. In it he says, “This film is somewhat of a weird, wonderful mix of “A Clockwork Orange” and all the better imagery of “Eyes Wide Shut“.

Comparing it to Kubrick? Wow. I’m no Stanley Kubrick.  I like Shelley Duvall!

And, yes they did review “Ave Maria” too. That’s for later…

Thanks to both Dr. Carnage and Super Duper Shock Cinema for taking the time to view and review my short horror films. Truly appreciated.


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