Happy Belated, Mr. Fulci!

Yesterday was the birthday of one of my favorite Italian horror filmmakers. Lucio Fulci

Some of his Best known films include Zombie, The Beyond and City of the Living Dead. However, if he only made one particular movie and never made another, he would still rank as one of my all time favorites.

Don’t Torture a Duckling

Released in 1972, his themes around stolen innocence and the Catholic Church were way ahead of its time. For that he will always have a warm spot in my heart. Which is kind of creepy if taken literally.

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Fulci.


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One Response to Happy Belated, Mr. Fulci!

  1. Ché! says:

    Happy Birthday (Belated) Lucio Fulci!
    “Don’t Torture A Duckling” also features one of my favorite performers: Irene Pappas.

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