The Exorcist Revisited!

It was 40 years ago today that William Friedken’s “The Exorcist” premiered.
The original 1973 production was bay far the best. Years later with deleted scenes added it made the possession of Regan seem less random. But it was the notion that is was so random that it could be any of us that made it so frightening.

This would make a terrific double feature with Fulci’s “Don’t Torture a Duckling”
There seems to be a theme with movies about the Catholic Church, children and evil…


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2 Responses to The Exorcist Revisited!

  1. Ché! says:

    I watched “The Exorcist” again a couple of months ago for the first time since 1973.
    It’s still the cinematic analog of a pile-driver in action once the horror and “reality” of Regan’s “possession” become evident.
    The “hook” of “The Exorcist,” as you point out, is a set comprising both the plausibility and apparently random nature of demonic possession.
    As well, fear, not the graphic violence, is the main ingredient to the effectiveness of “The Exorcist.”
    How many of us could say, 40 years ago or now, unequivocally; that we never once “feared,” even for an instant, enduring such a hideous experience at the whim of Pazuzu or the caprice of one of his “damned” cronies?

  2. chrisdsav says:

    We had a panel at Arisia for this movie.

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