Diabolique Talks Ave Maria

Josef Luciano of Diabolique Magazine, the one with the cool covers, talks with me about Ave Maria, the Catholic Church, movies and other stuff.

Diabolique Magazine

We even discuss the initial reasons for my love of horror.

“Horror was an incredibly safe place for me when I was growing up. It still is. I remember staying home from school one day and one of the UHF stations was showing Antonio Margheriti’s Horror Castle, and I had never seen anything like it,” states Shea, “I must have been ten years old or so and the torture scenes with the Iron Maiden and the rat in the cage blew my mind. I was terrified. But I knew I had control. I knew I could make it stop by simply turning the channel or turning the TV off. While other aspects of my life were horrific and seemingly out of control, here I could experience something quite similar and control it.”

Go to Diabolique for the full article.


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One Response to Diabolique Talks Ave Maria

  1. Ché! says:

    I agree with Skip in the manner of film budgets.
    A positive POV regarding the budget and its allocation increases the likelihood of positive, amplified results.
    The magic, the alchemy are in the story and people on both sides of the camera who imbue the story with life, energy and a veracity and authenticity that the audience can feel.
    That marvel is within reach of any budget and especially so, in my ledger, when the production team members are liberated in the budget’s modesty and free, entrusted and permitted to entice the story to life.
    In my ledger, modest resources in the production enterprise often help stimulate the creativity, ingenuity and sense of mutuality and collaboration of each member of the cast and crew, now more familiar and therefore more intimately connected with each other.
    As well, the smaller production teams have, in my experience, often inspired an enhanced sense of the camaraderie and spirit of collegiality. With these vital ingredients cast and crew often motivate themselves to render their best work to date, sometimes at levels of transcendence that have them left dazzled and delighted with their virtuosity.
    Such horror film masters as William Castle, Roger Corman and Val Lewton made possession of relatively small budgets virtuous as they struck cinematic gold with excellent and frequently outstanding horror stories remarkably depicted.
    Skip’s chosen to keep company with the Varsity.
    That’s Varsity in my register.

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