Ave Maria’s World Premiere in Worcester, See the Trailer

Ave Maria” my horror short sequel to my horror short cult hit “Microcinema” will have its world premiere in Worcester Massachusetts. No, not at the Chancery on Elm Street, but at the very cool Nick’s at 124 Millbury Street in Worcester on July 2nd at 8PM. “Microcinema” will also be screened with it and it’s free!

I hope to see you there!

The Gruesome Hertzogg Radio Podcast gives it a 9 out of 10 rating!

The Killer Aphrodite calls it “an excellent short film”

Dr. Carnage calls Missy “one of the creepiest female characters I have ever witnessed in a horror movie.”

Super Duper Shock Cinema says that the “smart ending that betrays your perception of what’s happening.”

[Re] Search My Trash calls it “A haunting little movie that sets an act of extreme violence against a very beautiful scenery”

Gemini Moon Media says “Ave Maria is a brutal look at revenge.”


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One Response to Ave Maria’s World Premiere in Worcester, See the Trailer

  1. Ché! says:

    Revenge? Restoration of our world’s natural balance when mankind’s religious laws, create imbalance? Something other? Or all the afore-mentioned?
    You decide.

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