True Horror

Today I watched an old movie, Alain Resnais 1955’s Night and Fog a 31 minute long documentary filmed at abandoned concentration camps at Auschwitz and Majdanek while infusing WWII stills and footage of the horrors that took place there.

it is a brutal and haunting reminder of the real monsters we can be to each other with some sort of perverse justification masked behind the ideals of patriotism or ideology. 

Horror takes place where dogma and freedom collide. Regardless if the dogma is put in place by religious or political leaders.

Michel Bouquet’s narrates these points.

Who is on the look-out from this strange watch-tower
To warn us of our new executioners’ arrival?
Are their faces really different from ours?

Those who pretend all this happened only once,
At a certain time and in a certain place.
Those who refuse to look around them,
Deaf to the endless cry.


Watching the news today, I think this is an important reminder and viewing of this film is almost mandatory.

If the realism is too much get your hands on Federico Zampaglione’s 2009 Italian horror film Shadow. The last scene is incredibly powerful.

If the role of art is to bear witness to the human condition, then horror’s job is to show the darkest corners of that condition.


No time to remain silent.


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