There are certain times in an artists life that are used as milestones. I’m about to achieve one. My horror short, “Ave Maria“, will screen at the Interiora Horror Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

“Ave Maria” has already had is share of success and good fortune with film festivals having already screened at the Leamington Underground Cinema Film Festival in the UK, the Pawtucket film Festival in Rhode Island, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego, CA and Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA – which was also a milestone.

It is also still scheduled to screen at Germany After Dark Film Festival in Gronau, Germany and Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in Buffalo, NY. All accomplishments I’m very proud of. But Rome…


It’s no secret but I’m often told I need to remind people that I am a survivor of clergy sexual abuse by a ring of Catholic priests in the Diocese of Worcester, MA. Survivor, victim etc. All words I can’t stand. But such was may path. And it has shaped the statements I make as an artist.

On November 2nd I’ll make a statement in Rome. It seems that, at least here in America all of these crimes are forgotten. People think it is over and done with. So much so that the likes of Cardinal Dolan of NY get to yuk it up with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report or get a special seat at the dinner table with men who would be presidents, or at least wanted to be.


People forget that while serving in Milwaukee he paid sexually abusive priests up to $20 thousand dollars to leave, and inevitably abuse kids elsewhere instead of reporting these crimes to the police and then, with approval from Rome, hid assets from victims/survivors as he filed bankruptcy for the Diocese. The Diocese wasn’t actually financially bankrupt. But it was morally.

Nothing has changed but the spin. Those in power are not held accountable and are still celebrated. If we are to believe the press that under Pope Francis things will be different, remember who voted him into power. Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal George, etc. It does not serve in their best interest to elect someone who will hold them accountable for the covering up crimes of sexual abuse of children and protecting the criminal. It was this group of men who voted in Francis, not the Holy Spirit.

Pope Francis recently said the church is unduly obsessed with condemning abortion, gay marriage, and contraception. He then excommunicates a priest in Australia who is pro-gay marriage. I think the old adage actions speaks louder than words applies here. How many pedophile priests has he excommunicated? Zero. It’s all the same.

In “Ave Maria” we strip bare other abuses and crimes of the churches past. To show that this pattern has existed for centuries and won’t change, regardless of PR spin.


And then cut off their balls.

Metaphorically speaking.

I’ll see you in Rome!



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4 Responses to Roma!

  1. tina says:

    best wishes. and many thanks for your effort… tina

  2. Ellen Vosbury says:

    Stephen Colbert is an enabler.

  3. Ulla Runchel says:

    Skip you are amazing,,have a GREAT time in Roma.

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