Top Ten Horror Movies for 2013

Diabolique Magazine asked me to submit a list of the top ten horror movies for 2013.
Here it is!

1) AMERICAN MARY (Dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska)
It’s as near a perfect a movie that you’ll find.

2) LEGITIMATE (Dir. Izzy Lee)
A short that has the most impact on me than the vast majority of feature lengths. What horror can be when done right.

3) JUG FACE (Dir. Chad Crawford Kinkle)
A true original with stellar performances.

4) HATCHET III (Dir. Adam Green)
Victor Crowley should be as well known as Jason, Freddy and Michael.

5) HAZMAT (Dir. Lou Simon)
Jacob should be as well known as Victor Crowley.

6) THE CONJURING (Dir. James Wan)
Talky Tina’s got nothing on Annabelle.

7) BYZANTIUM (Dir. Neil Jordan)
He has a way with vampires.

8) KISS OF THE DAMNED (Dir. Xan Cassavetes)
Sophisticated vampires for adults.

9) TRUTH OR DARE (Dir. Jessica Cameron)
Children’s games for adults.

10) YOU’RE NEXT (Dir. Adam Wingard)
What’s The Purge?

There are a couple of glaring omissions. So here is my Honorable Mention list.

Stoker (Dir. Chan-wook Park)  – It should be tied for the number 10 spot. 
The Meeting (Dir. Karen Lam)
– I didn’t think to include this because for some reason I thought it was a 2012 movie. It should have made the top ten.

It was a solid year for horror both artistically and at the box office. I’m looking forward to what 2014 brings for all of us! 


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