Thank You BUFF!

Today’s papers report on President Obama visiting Pope Francis saying he is a great admirer of the man. Making it the first time Obama fell for a FOX News PR campaign.
He is even quoted in the Boston Globe as saying; ‘‘Given his great moral authority, when the pope speaks it carries enormous weight’’

pope obama

The Boston Globe. You remember them, winning that Pulitzer for reporting on clergy sexual abuse.

If you do remember, you may want to remind them. I think they forgot.

The Pope’s latest pat on the back was for forming his Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. It even included Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley. Another very wealthy man who points to his sandals to prove how humble he is. The focus on the panel will be about healing. Because the best place for a person to heal from abuse is at the hands of the abuser.

Of course at the same time he names Cardinal Pell to head a powerful new department that will oversee the entire management of the Holy See.

Cardinal Pell was notorious for his viscous attacks on abuse victim John Ellis as a way to dissuade other victims from coming forward. Because, well, healing or justice weren’t his top priority. He behavior was so horrible that he was called in front of a commission investigating his actions.

That was in Australia. Obviously not in the USA were President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders coddle the like.

By that I mean they coddle the Pope, who rewards the likes of Pell while our political leaders and press applaud him for his moral authority.

Meanwhile, back in Boston (Okay, Cambridge actually) the Boston Underground Film Festival is underway.


And on a Friday (March 28th), during Lent, I am honored that they are showing two of my movies that tackle the subjects of the church and abuse.

At 5:15 PM at the very cool Brattle Theater “Microcinema” will be part of the Homegrown Horror Block.  “Microcinema” takes a look at what would be proper justice to a sexual predator. One who is highly educated with a superiority complex. You know, like a priest. It takes on the larger subject of sexual violence which includes the church.

At 11:59 PM the same day and same place, “Ave Maria” will be screened as part of the Voltaire’s Angry Glove Block. “Ave Maria” has a narrower scope and takes aim at what karmic justice may look like for the Catholic Church. A theme that didn’t go unnoticed by the audiences at the Interiora Horror Festival in Rome, Italy where it won the Audience Award for Best Film.

I am extremely grateful to the Boston Underground Film Festival for helping me bring my voice to Boston, what was once the epicenter of the abuse scandal and which now appears to have fallen back in line with the church. Just read the Globe.

Thank you BUFF!


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2 Responses to Thank You BUFF!

  1. Hi Skip, Thanks for the info – I will read up on Pell.
    Would like to get to films – family member birthday might come first though!
    Your comrade!
    Sister Mary Theresa

  2. says:

    Peace Skip,

    Two hustlers hustling a gullible, ever-hopeful world.

    ” Magistri Ludorum ”

    Nothing has changed and nothing will change on their

    respective watches.

    That’s exactly why the major “players,” those who actually

    call the piper’s tune, selected these two.

    “Theater” is a charitable characterization of what’s going


    The public, exhausted, fearful and preoccupied; with the help

    of our obsequious mainstream media; eats this shit up raw.



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