Horror Movies For October #2

Continuing the horror movie a day posts for October today we go back to 1956 with Mervyn LeRoy‘s “The Bad Seed“.  The first evil child movie with Patty McCormack playing the very creepy 8 year old psychopath Rhoda Penmark. Unfortunately it was made in the old code days were you couldn’t make a film where criminals get away with crime, so they devised a divine ending instead of the original ending in both the book and play. Where she totally gets away with it. Still totally worth the watch.


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2 Responses to Horror Movies For October #2

  1. guybenoit says:

    An interesting psychological horror flick called “Joshua” came out a few years back. A cool twist on the bad seed tale.

  2. Ay, I saw that a looooooong time ago, when I was too young to sit and watch it properly, but it still stuck with me. I’ve been meaning to rewatch it…

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