Horror Movies for October #9

Up next we have Ti West‘s 2011 slow burn of a ghost story “The Innkeepers“. West is truly gifted a slowly creating the atmosphere in a movie that the tension by the end is near unbearable. No easy task and he nails it here. Imagine two ghost hunting enthusiasts   working their last weekend in a haunted New England Inn. There is something creepy about New England, no getting around it. And it’s probably why I love it here. Great cast with Sara Paxton and Pat Healy in the leads and a superb Kelly McGillis in a supporting role of a former actress turned psychic. It’s a slow burn but the pay off it worth it.


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One Response to Horror Movies for October #9

  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,   Thank you.   You’re right about New England.   There is something eerie and unsettling about these hallowed and vaunted precincts and glades.   (There’s also the whiff of a story about thus and such intrinsic environmental creepiness, eeriness, peculiarity, spookiness, uncanniness and weirdness; like New England is an entity itself, a character with a signature; teasing my olfactory  sense.)   I’m unfamiliar with this cinematic offering but the title itself ,”The Innkeepers,” is intriguing enough for me to add it to my list.   Cordially,   Che!  

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