Horror Movies for October #11

Today we have the very atmospheric ghost and revenge story, Kaneto Shindo‘s 1968 “Kuroneko” (A Black Cat in a Bamboo Grove). Samurai soldiers rape and murder two women during a civil war leaving their bodies, later to be found by a black cat. They return as spirits and murder soldiers by seducing them and ripping their throats out. Understandably. As gruesome as that sounds the film is more eerie and beautiful than gory. It’s a gorgeous black and white movie, topic aside. It was even in competition at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, which was canceled due to support of rioting students. Without a chance for global distribution the film was lost to Western audiences for years.


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One Response to Horror Movies for October #11

  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,   Thank you.   My preference in horror films is more eerily beautiful and less grisly, gruesome.   Justified reprisal and retribution, poetic (and wherever suitable, lyrical) justice when, as is inevitable, our system fails to protect us, especially the “least” among us.   “Kuroneko,” in your thumbnail sketch, conveys that kind of “stimulus” to me.   It feels like our Japanese brethren have the potential to ring my chimes yet again in our horror corridor.   My list is enriched yet again.   Cordially,   Che!    

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