Horror Movies for October #13

Lucky 13 comes from West Germany with Michael Armstrong‘s classic exploitation film,  1970’s “Mark of the Devil“. A a mere lad I was obsessed with this movie, simply because of the ads in the newspaper because I was way too young to see it. Rated “V” for Violence and the free barf bag for everyone attending was enough to make me dream about seeing it. Truly a brilliant marketing campaign by Boston based distribution company Hallmark Releasing that would make William Castle proud.
The film stars Herbert Lom and Udo Kier as an 18th century Witchhunter and his young apprentice. When the apprentice realizes his boss is only doing this for property and to quench his perverse desires, he rebels. Something about the story line of an abusive religious zealot getting his comeuppance really speaks to me….


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  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,   So, you were a “mere lad.”   “Mark Of The Devil” is a good one.   With William Castle for inspiration one’s prospects for prosperity abound.   When I was a mere lad, a stripling of ten years’ tenure upon this mortal coil, William Castle was the foremost impresario of lurid sensation cinema-wise — the more tawdry, the better.   He knew how to have fun with film and how to cultivate that sensibility among his audience.   Revisiting “Mark Of The Devil,” it’s time I add it to my list.   Cordially,   Che!  

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