Horror Movies For October #15

Today we travel to Spain via Mexico for Juan Antonio Bayona‘s heartbreaking 2007 ghost story film, “The Orphanage“. Produced by the legendary Guillermo del Toro, the story is about Laura, Belén Rueda, who buys the orphanage she was raised in to open it as a home for disabled children. Her little son Simon, Roger Príncep, wants to show her where is new friend’s hiding place is in the house. Problem is no one sees his friend. Then Simon goes missing. The tension grabs you by the throat from the start and fills you with dread with each passing minute. Which is the perfect set up for the tragic ending.


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One Response to Horror Movies For October #15

  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,   Thank you.   This is yet another addition to my list from a director with whom I’m unfamiliar.   The premise of “The Orphanage” is intriguing.   Cordially,   Che!  

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