Horror Movies For October #20

With temperatures hitting the 30’s at night, and feeling a little wintry, today’s pick is André Øvredal’s 2010 Norwegian found footage film, “Trollhunter“.  College students set out to make a documentary on bear poachers and find that is the governments cover story for trollhunters who roam the snowy woods looking for Christians to eat. That’s right, they really can smell a Christian’s blood. Which endears these large monsters to me. But probably not to the trollhunter who allows the students to tag along. Because one of them is a Christian.


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One Response to Horror Movies For October #20

  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,

    Thank you.

    While I’m unfamiliar with “Trollhunters,” it’s premise is devilishly intriguing.

    An individual’s blood may be redolent of his religious affiliation.

    That’s heavy!

    The possibilities, with the postulation of variations on such a novel human feature, are mindbendingly fascinating.

    Trolls, trolling for Christians for consumption. Trollhunters trolling for trolls.

    Yet another addition to my list



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