Horror Movies For October #30

Today we go back to 1973 for Robin Hardy‘s brilliant “The Wicker Man”. I don’t know if anything else needs to be said. But just in case, it’s a nice look at groovy pagans dishing out some karma to a Christian virgin. Okay, maybe that’s only one way to look at it…
Christian Sergeant Howie, played wonderfully by Edward Woodward, is sent to a remote island somewhere between Ireland and Scotland to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. A young girl that the pagans on the island refuse to admit ever existed. Howie witnesses strange rituals, listens to odd folk music and avoids being seduced by Britt Ekland. How he resisted only a man of faith can explain. Add to the intrigue Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle, Ingrid Pitt as the Librarian and a giant, well, wicker man and you have a perfect horror movie. Especially with Paul Giovanni’s score. He completed his graduate studies at the Catholic University of America. Which only makes his score better. If I could only roll my “R’s” when I say “Christ” the way Woodward does, I would say it now. Followed by “See this movie.”


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One Response to Horror Movies For October #30

  1. thelid53@comcast.net says:

    Peace Skip,

    Thank you.

    Britt Eklund, Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward …

    ‘Nuff said!



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