Five Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Rome

Unofficial Guide to Rome

 mummy halloween vatican museum mummia coffin feet

I love Halloween. I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time on my costume (I’m more of a last minute find-something-weird-in-my-wardrobe sort of girl), but I love Halloween celebrations, horror movies, admiring other people’s outfits and decorating my house with spooky gore. Most of all, I love remembering the joy of transformation it gave me as a child, as I became a pirate, a football player or a Jedi (and, of course, ate way too much candy).

Halloween has its roots in a celtic harvest festival called Samhain, which was later transformed into All Hallows Eve under Christianity. Trick-or-treating is a uniquely American affair, one which has met with criticism after its export to other parts of the world. For us Americans, trick-or-treating is a fond childhood memory and a timeless tradition. In other places it is often seen as just another way in which consumerist American society has seeped its way…

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