Freedom of Speech

Solid examination of artistic freedom of speech


2945445895_d30f74220c_zWith all the buzz lately about freedom of speech I inspired me to tackle this complicated subject. It’s very dear to me, mostly because I am not just a writer, I am an artist. I am also an art historian.

Artists and their cousins, writers, create from within their cultures, their backgrounds and circumstances. Their expression comes, necessarily, from what they live, what they think and what they feel. They are the barometer of a society’s health. Artists are frequently free thinkers, rebels even. It takes a lot of courage to take what you feel and put it in the public eye. It takes a lot of self-honesty to get those feelings out on canvas, paper, sculpture in a way that works… an artist must always be aware of self-censorship, because that stifles creativity. Being self-aware also makes one more sensitive to the environment one lives in… is it any mystery that…

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One Response to Freedom of Speech

  1. says:

    Peace Skip,

    Freedom Of Speech: first among our inalienable, natural rights among

    our constitution’s guarantees of individual liberty comprising our Bill

    Of Rights.

    Inalienable rights, our natural endowment, are not subject to majority


    Censorship is one of the principal weapons of tyrants as well as

    authoritarians, whether they hail from the left or the right. It is inimical

    to the principles of a free society to ascribe the concept, principle and

    practice of freedom of speech to only that speech of which some


    Speech in the form of art is the health of every society, measuring that

    society’s freedom more precisely than the rhetorical flourishes of that

    society’s academicians, boosters, cheerleaders and pundits.

    Freedom Of Speech is the life’s breath of Art: freedom of thought and

    expression in the search for and disclosure of truth and fact, even those

    thoughts, expressed in manners which displease us or of which we


    It’s logically absurd to hold, as some do, that freedom of speech applies

    only to expression of which we approve.

    There is no Freedom of Speech unless such freedom includes those

    thoughts, made manifest in words of which we disapprove or which find


    Therefore, there is, and will always be, art which repels some individuals.

    Finding it repellent, those individuals are free to choose not to consume it.

    They are also free to contest such expressions artistically and otherwise,

    to compete with such expression as their faculties and resources permit

    them to do so, directly of indirectly through their support of like-minded


    Freedom of speech is freedom of choice: the coin whose obverse is the

    choice to create in thought and action and whose reverse is the choice to

    consume that which expressed freely and peacefully, without infringing

    upon others’ rights to do likewise or to decline such consumption.

    Freedom of Speech is not the privilege or the right to choose for others

    in the manners or the matters of their respective choices.

    When we defend the freedom of speech of those of disagree, the content

    of which we disapprove, when we defend the inalienable right of those

    individuals to make such speech, peacefully and voluntarily; we defend

    our right to do likewise.

    That’s what’s in the defense of freedom of speech for each of us, for all

    of us.



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